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Font-Font Modern Terbaru

Published on Nov 23 2009 // free font
iklan atas

Font-font modern yang biasa digunakan untuk design web 2.0 dapat dilihat disini, ada sekitar 15 font paling populer saat ini, simak , perhatikan dan download fontnya biar desain anda lebih powerful lagi, selamat berkarya

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1. Corpulent

Corpulent is a simple font that looks at its best in uppercase.

2. Airstrip Four

Airstrip Four combines straight and curved edges to great effect.

3. Automatica

This is a stylish, somewhat squat, sans serif font.

4. Rezland

Rezland is a really cool, curvy font. Unfortunately, it’s only available in lower case.

5. Ubuntu Title

Ubuntu Title takes up little horizontal space, so it perfect for inserting into tight spots.

6. Tuffy

Tuffy looks friendly and playful, but not at the expense of clarity.

7. Photonica

Photonica is a futuristic-looking seriffed font that looks even better when italicised.

8. Moderna

Moderna’s rounded letters are really well balanced and very attractive.

9. Arista

Arista is also available in ‘light’ and ‘extra filled’. The ‘light’ version looks fantastic when viewed on a small screen (such as on a mobile phone). The ‘extra filled’, on the other hand, is practically illegible.

10. Bohemica

Bohemica is an interesting looking font that retains legibility, despite its disjointed structure.

11. Lacuna

Lacuna is a timeless, classic font. It’s understated, but powerful nonetheless.

12. DustHome

DustHome is a neat font with perfectly balanced metrics.

13. Tin Birdhouse

Tin Birdhouse is a classy, tasteful font with a professional look.

14. Tondo

Tondo looks great in various colours, thanks to its subtle outline.

15. Delicious

Delicious is a complete font family with an easy-going aesthetic that lends itself perfectly to Web 2.0 sites.

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